放たれた翼が 願いを撒き散らして
この世の果て堕とした 祈りを空中 そら へと

»My released wings scatter my wishes
Towards this destroyed world, to a sky full of prayers«

血塗られた翼は 舞い上がり風になり

»My blood soaked wings rise and become the wind«

Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2016

there are three kinds of secrets

1. something that you hide at the bottom of your heart because you don't want it to be mentioned.

2. something that you can't say even if you want to; and

3. Something that you hope someone asks about even though you're hiding.

Dienstag, 17. Mai 2011


I feel you, I miss you so...

So I hope that all of these feelings will reach you.

xTRiPx - limpid

Montag, 9. Mai 2011

Samstag, 23. April 2011


Der Prinz... mit dem silbernen Haar?

Dieser Mann ist kein Prinz...
Er ist... ein silberner Wolf!!

Mittwoch, 13. April 2011


Der Mensch beherrscht nur,
vergisst die Vergänglichkeit
und zerbricht an ihr.

Thema: Mensch

für Deutsch

Donnerstag, 24. März 2011

don't judge

See that boy doing his homework in homeroom? …

He couldn’t do it last night because he was too busy talking his best friend out of suicide.

See that girl, with her face caked in make up? …

She’s bullied, she needs to feel beautiful.

See him, the one who wears long sleeves everyday? …

He covers his arms to hide the scars.

See her, with the cheap, hand-me-down clothes? …

Her family can’t afford food for half the month, let alone get brand names.

See the girl who laughs and smiles at every little thing? …

She cries herself to sleep every night.

Wonder why she never lets her friends over her house? …

Because she’s afraid they’ll see her dad passed out drunk on the floor, as always.

See how that girl cringes as rape jokes? …

She was raped.

See the boy who everyone goes to for advice? …

He wishes someone would do the same for him.

See the girl who never brings a lunch? …

She’s disgusted by her body.

See her, with the little waist? …

She goes to the bathroom and forces herself to throw up so that she can keep her waist that way.

See the boy over there, see the dark circles under his eyes? …

He has insomnia, he fears what he’ll see in his dreams.

See that girl daydreaming over there? …

She has schizophrenia.

See the boy biting his nails? …

He has cancer and he’s wondering how much time he has left.

See your best friend? …

She’s addicted to drugs, but she can’t tell you because you wont understand.

See that boy reading all about 9/11? …

His parents died on that day.

See her, with her phone on her at all times? …

She’s waiting for a call saying her sister was found after a kidnapping 4 years ago.

Don’t judge.

stolen from

Dienstag, 22. März 2011


Today I have a story to tell you about your ”tell me too”
Sustain yourself to disdain myself and so ”I hate you”